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Arbat Capital Group Ltd.

The business of ACG Ltd in securities markets is based on about 20 years of experience in the markets of stocks, bonds, indexes, commodities futures.

Currently, ACG Ltd is focused on management of portfolio of securities and derivatives, listed on the US market. The typical portfolio consists of the following instruments:

•          Publicly traded stocks of US & EU companies and ADRs/GDRs of some EM stocks (Lat.Am., China)

•          Equity indexes futures (US, EU)

•          Equity options

•          Fixed Income instruments, including UST, EU countries Government bonds (Euro), Eurobonds in USD (Lat.Am., Turkey)

•          Commodity Futures (Brent, WTI, Gold, Silver, Copper, Wheat, Coffee)

•          FX futures (EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD).


Trading activity and portfolio management of ACG Ltd. are based on the own funds of the Group. The Company does not manage funds of third parties.

Transactions organized via brokerage accounts the Company holds in the banks and brokerage firms in the USA and UAE.

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