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Our Investment Philosophy

Our Investment Philosophy has been shaped over many years of experience. Our investment approach has allowed our clients to successfully weather the recent financial crises, not only preserving but increasing their wealth as a result.

What are the principals

  • Every client is equally important to us, no matter what the size of assets under management. Each client is offered a completely customized service with their individual needs in mind
  • We prefer a pro-active approach to wealth management and always strive to develop a strategy to achieve maximum returns under any conditions with a suitable level of risk
  • We strive for maximum diversification at every level – country, sector, and asset class
  • We combine technical analysis with the analysis of fundamentals. We also enrich our own research with analysis conducted by major and recognized investment and research companies
  • In our analysis, our investment professionals combine a top down view on the global markets with in-depth analysis of specific sectors, macroeconomic factors and the political situation in individual countries with bottom-up analysis of targeted companies
  • We prefer liquid and transparent financial instruments. We focus on sectors that are fundamentally attractive for investment, on companies with good management, reasonable debt and healthy growth catalysts
  • When making an investment decision, we pay special attention to the political situation in the country. We insist on personal meetings with management of the companies in which we invest

Investment Process





Investment Idea
Thematic analysis

Macro analysis

  • Economic conditions & trends
  • Monetary policies
  • Inflation
  • Rate cycle

Industry analysis

  • Industry structure & dynamics
  • Regulatory environment
  • Growth drivers
  • Margin trends

Valuation analysis

  • Cross-border
  • Cross-sectoral
  • Absolute & relative
  • Earning momentum

Liquidity analysis

  • MCap
  • Trading volumes
  • Listing & DR program
Security selection
  • Catalyst/timing
  • Attractive risk/reward
  • Strong cash flow yield
  • Return on invested capital
  • Balans sheet
  • Growth potential
Risk management
  • Market risk
  • Corporate risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Counterparty risk
Portfolio construction
  • Investment time horizon
  • Performance objectives
  • Long-short exposure