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Arbat Capital works closely with international venture capital group I2BF Global Ventures.

The Group invests in venture capital projects in resource efficiency and alternative energy around the world, including in Russia. Founded in 2005 in the U.S., I2BF has offices in Moscow, New York, London and Dubai.

I2BF Global Ventures manage four funds:

• I2BF Holdings I (more than USD 110 million in investment)
• I2BF Venture Fund II (USD 150 million)
• Russia-Kazakhstan Nanotechnology Fund (approximately USD 100 million)
• Strategic Nanotechnology Resources Fund (USD 150 million)

I2BF Partners: RUSNANO, VTB Capital, Kazakhstan’s Samruk-Kazyna sovereign fund.

I2BF has invested in projects including Nesscap Energy (energy storage system, South Korea / Canada), Epuramat (water purification, Luxembourg), ACAL Energy (fuel cells, UK), Seren Photonics (LEDs, UK), Fisker Holdings (electric vehicle manufacturer, USA), and Planetary Resources (mining asteroids for water, platinum and gold, USA).


I2BF Fund invests in space

This project is truly revolutionary and allows mineral resources mining in unprecedented amounts using vast expanses of space.