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Negative yields are not forever: debt market bubble will explode someday

The start of the bear market is not far away, but now the market is only forming the top

Comment Russia May Switch into Hong Kong Dollars

Hong Kong Defends Peg as Sanctions Fuel Russian Cash Flows

sanctions, Hong Kong dollar

Speech Time to Invest in Ukraine

The chance for large scale modernization in the post-Soviet space

investment, conference, Ukraine

Opinion Space Instead of Gold

Why are investors attracted to the technologies of the future

space, investment

Opinion US Remains Most Attractive Market

Emerging market stocks look cheap after the sell-off, but this is an illusion. Buy America


Comment Arbat Capital Chases Global Stocks, Russia Index no Bargain

The low valuation of Russia’s biggest equities index is illusory and global stocks offer a better investment


Opinion Germany Most Likely to Exit Euro

Financial experts have been busy debating the possibility of Greece, Italy or Spain exiting the Eurozone

currencies, euro

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