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Oil Market Report - June 2020

Crude oil prices witnessed a recovery since early May on the back of optimism that global oil market fundamentals would improve faster than expected after several European and Asian countries, along with a number of US states, started to ease COVID-19 lo...

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Oil Market Report - May 2020

An unprecedented global Crude oil futures prices extended sharp declines in April 2020 amid a strong contraction in the global economy and oil demand due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In April 2020, the ICE Brent contract plunged by 21.0% mom t...

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Oil Market Report - March 2020

Crude oil prices ended February 2020 sharply lower with both ICE Brent and NYMEXWTI showing monthly declines of more than 12% to reach their lowest monthlyvalues in almost 2.5 years as the rapid spread of Covid-19 in China and several othercountries rais...

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Oil Market Report - January 2020

In January 2020, crude oil prices erased all the gains accumulated over the previoustwo months, with ICE Brent falling at the end of January, to reach its lowest dailylevel in three months. This was on the back of easing geopolitical tensions in the Midd...

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Oil Market Report - December 2019

December 2019 crude oil prices continued to rise on greater optimism about theoutlook for oil market fundamentals, after OPEC and non-OPEC participating countriesdecided to proceed with an additional production adjustment in order to help balance theglob...

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Oil Market Report - November 2019

Crude oil prices rebounded in November 2019 to settle at their highest level since last July, on a monthly basis, mainly driven by optimism and positive expectations for a trade agreement between the US and China, as well as an improved outlook for globa...

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Oil Market Report - October 2019

Crude oil prices averaged lower in October 2019 on both sides of the Atlantic as market participants shifted their focus from concerns about supply disruptions that had pushed oil prices considerably higher in September to worries related to the risks an...

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Oil Market Report - September 2019

Crude oil prices were very volatile within September 2019 due to a large disruption in two key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia which caused a temporary outage of about 5.7 mln bbl / d of the country’s oil production. The ICE Brent prices jumped by $8.8, o...

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Oil Market Report - August 2019

Crude oil futures prices ended August lower with ICE Brent recording it lowest monthly average this year of $59.35 that is 7.5% lower than monthly average price of July, wiping out all the previous month’s gains. Oil futures were volatile over much of Au...

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