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Report Oil Market Report - December 2018

In December 2018 turmoil on the crude oil market extended further and the price of Brent oil finally tumbled to almost $50 per barrel level exactly on Christmas where it found some ground and reverted back. By the end of the month Brent crude oil as well...

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Oil Market Report - November 2018

In November troubles on the crude oil market continued and a price of Brent crude oil sharply dropped by 20.9% mom and dipped down below $60 per bbl. It took the crude oil market roughly one year to move up from $60 to nearly $90, but a way back turned o...

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Report Oil Market Report - October 2018

In October crude oil market caught a “bear flu” after almost gripping the $90 per barrel price level (Brent).  In the beginning of October the market apparently priced in quite a lot of risks regarding U.S. threats to zero Iran’s oil exports. 

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Report Oil Market Report - September 2018

In September crude oil market was all about looming Iran sanctions and real numbers for Saudi Arabia’s spare capacities. At the meeting of OPEC’s monitoring committee on September 23 nothing was mentioned regarding preventive measures to make sure that t...

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Report Oil Market Report - July 2018

In July there were not many disturbances for crude oil price trading levels. The price was on the edge of breaking downside but Saudi Arabia made an effort to support it by limiting production growth. Saudi Arabia said it won’t oversupply the market just...

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Report Oil Market Report - May 2018

In May Brent oil price finally got to $80 per barrel. Almost all the gain was made on Trump’s decision to cut off from the deal with Iran and to return oil sanctions. Geopolitical nature of the rally made it quite unstable, but significant correction beg...

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Report Oil Market Report - March 2018

In March crude oil market had been mostly in consolidation phase before breaking through technical resistance level and recovering to local maximum. Geopolitical risks were believed to support the returning of bullish sentiment. The risks of trading war ...

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Report Oil Market Report - December 2017

Crude oil price has ended the year on a very high note. WTI and Brent benchmarks have got to 2015 maximum levels ($62.5 for WTI and almost $70 for Brent). Technically it looks supported by breaking through key resistance. Brent surpassed its resistance e...

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Report Oil Market Report - November 2017

Crude oil market in November had been trading in anticipation of successful Nov-30 OPEC/non-OPEC meeting. It went as anticipated and the price reacted quite well given already overloading situation with long positions in crude oil futures. Some correctio...

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