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«Creditors have better memories than debtors» Benjamin Franklin, Politician

Head of Moscow Office

+7 (495) 780-01-11

With 16 years of experience as an investment professional, Mr. Panferov is responsible for fixed income and debt analysis at Arbat Capital. He also advises the Arbat Global Fixed Income Fund, which is targeted toward our most conservative clients. The Fund does not invest in derivatives, and focuses on highly liquid fixed income securities emphasizing diversification by geography and sector.

Mr Panferov has been with Arbat Capital since the firm’s inception in 2007, and has worked with Mr. Golubovich since 2006, when they were both with Russian Investors. Mr. Panferov was the Managing Director of the Russian Investors Group. Prior to holding that position, he worked with a range of Russian financial institutions including IFC Metropol and BKF Bank, where he was the head of the fixed income and currency departments.

After graduating from a military academy, Mr. Panferov attended the Russian Government Finance Academy, specializing in banking and insurance.