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«If you believe in yourself, you don’t need others to believe in you» Spanish philosopher Miguel de Unamuno

Chief Strategist, Managing Direcor

+7 (495) 780-01-11

20 years of investment management experience

From 1986 – 1988, Mr. Golubovich worked as a researcher at the USSR Academy of Sciences and the USSR Council of Ministers State Committee on science and technology, evaluating the effectiveness of capital investments. From 1989 –1992, he managed his own business publishing economic literature. From 1993–1996, he headed asset management at Bank Menatep; and in 1997 he founded Russian Investors. From 1998–2000 Mr. Golubovich served as the director of strategic planning and corporate finance at YUKOS. From 2001–2007 he held the position of Chairman of the Board at Russian Investors, and in 2007 founded Arbat Capital Management (now Arbat Capital).

He graduated from the economic cybernetics faculty of the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics with specializations in mathematics and economics.

Mr. Golubovich is responsible for Arbat Capital’s investment strategy. He has written ten books and more than 100 articles in leading business publications. He is a regular participant on one of the most significant events in the field of finance and investing, the Financial Forum sponsored by leading business newspaper Vedemosti, and the Macroeconomic Forecast Best Investment Strategy conference. He was awarded the “speaker of the year” title at SREAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2012.


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